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3 Tips for an Easier Recovery after Eyelid Surgery

woman after instaliftEyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a relatively small surgery that can still provide dramatic rejuvenating effects. For a smooth recuperation and the best eyelid surgery results, choose a plastic surgeon who is experienced with blepharoplasty and follow these eyelid surgery recovery tips.*

1. Follow Your Plastic Surgeon’s Instructions Religiously

Your plastic surgeon will give you specific instructions for your eyelid surgery recovery. Tips found online, in some magazine or from your Aunt Betty should never take the place of what your surgeon actually instructs you to do.

2. Stock Up on Recovery Supplies

Eyelid recovery instructions given by your plastic surgeon are not merely suggestions.

Keeping your head elevated is another important eyelid surgery recovery tip. Make sure you have lots of clean, comfortable pillows on hand so you can prop your head up during your recuperation. Your surgeon will also instruct you in the proper use of gauze soaked in ice water to minimize swelling. Having the right recovery supplies on hand is a key element of helping you heal faster and more comfortably.*

3. Rest, Rest and Rest Some More

Resting is a vital component of your eyelid surgery recovery. Don’t do any more than your surgeon instructs you to do. Be sure to avoid heavy lifting or strenuous activities until you’ve been given the all-clear. Use your recovery period as an opportunity to catch up on some well-deserved relaxation.

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.


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3 Tips for an Easier Recovery after Eyelid Surgery
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3 Tips for an Easier Recovery after Eyelid Surgery
Seattle plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Rand offers 3 tips to make your eyelid surgery recovery restful, relaxing and as stress-free as possible.
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Northwest Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
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