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Are You Getting “Turkey Neck” from Too Much Texting?

Woman on phoneThe age of mobile phones did not arrive without its costs. As handy as mobile phones can be, they just might be causing an increase in “turkey neck.” Why does texting contribute to turkey neck? And more importantly, what can you do about it?

What Is Turkey Neck?

Turkey neck is a colloquial phrase used to refer to loose, sagging skin around the neck that can resemble the wattle of a turkey. Turkey neck is usually a symptom of aging, and can affect men and women alike.

How Does Texting Contribute?

Due to the popularity of mobile phone usage, particularly actions such as texting and web browsing that cause us to look down at our phones, more people may be developing turkey neck.

Not only can the repeated movements of lowering your head contribute to wrinkles, but holding your posture in a position with your head lowered can also affect blood flow to the neck. Impaired blood flow can leave your skin dehydrated and undernourished. Because neck skin is fairly thin to begin with, the neck can be especially susceptible to postures that may lead to poor skin health.

How Can You Prevent Turkey Neck?

The best way to prevent turkey neck is to invest in medical grade skincare. By keeping your skin nourished and healthy, you can better fight premature wrinkling or excess skin laxity.

If you already have advanced signs of turkey neck, however, a facelift might be the best solution. During a facelift, skin around the neck is tightened to smooth out wrinkles, excess skin is removed, and the neck bands can be tightened into a more youthful position. And finally—hold your phone at face level when you text to avoid the turkey neck posture!

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Are You Getting “Turkey Neck” from Too Much Texting?
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Are You Getting “Turkey Neck” from Too Much Texting?
Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Rand explains how texting may contribute to turkey neck and what Seattle men and women can do about it.
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