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Can You Tell Round from Shaped Breast Implants?

Updated September 2018

During my trip to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2014 annual meeting in San Francisco, there was a very interesting hour-long session asking whether experienced plastic surgeons could tell the difference between round and shaped implants when used for breast augmentation. The shaped implants had recently gained publicity.

But the questions remained – which breast implants are better and is there enough of a difference to justify the increased costs and postoperative risks of the shaped implants?

The results of the test revealed that even highly experienced surgeons struggled to differentiate shaped implants from round implants.

The results were quite revealing as over 300 highly experienced board-certified surgeons reviewed about 20 patients pre- and post-op photos and silently voted electronically as to whether they were looking at a round or shaped implant results.

Over 7,000 data points were produced and rapidly analyzed. At a rate equal to a coin toss or about 50:50, they were unable to tell the difference accurately. Consequently, over 70% of them said they were going to go back home and use more rounds!

I have always been a big fan of the round breast implants, and especially the moderate and moderate plus profiles, which provide a natural look. These findings will continue to support this practice, reserving shaped breast implants only for unusual circumstances.

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Can You Tell Round from Shaped Breast Implants?
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Can You Tell Round from Shaped Breast Implants?
Updated September 2018. Deciding between round and shaped breast implants? Seattle plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Rand discusses the key differences between them to help you choose.
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Northwest Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
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