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Isn’t 60 Too Late for a Facelift? Is Younger Better?

Three generations of women working in the office.Some of us notice the natural signs of aging sooner than those of a similar age. And others live different lifestyles that may affect their appearances such as overexposure to the sun or smoking. Sometimes, despite the driving factors, men and women desire to have a facelift procedure sooner rather than later in life. But at what age is it too soon to have a facelift? You might be surprised by the answer.

What Is the Average Age for a Facelift?

Everyone is different. Depending on your genetics, you could have jowls or sagging skin in your 30s while others have youthful, taut skin well into their 60s. The average age that men and women seek facelifts is in the mid to late 50s. However, more and more people in their 30s and 40s are electing to have facelifts.

Instead of basing your decision to have a facelift on a specific age, consider your individual wants and needs.

Should You Wait Until Your 60s for Your Facelift?

Waiting until your 60s is definitely not too late to have a facelift if that’s when you are ready and in good health. However, if you’re still in your 40s and unhappy with your wrinkles and loose or sagging skin, you could absolutely be a potential candidate for facelift surgery at this age. During your 40s and early 50s, you may still have ample skin elasticity to support even better results.

If You’re Not Quite Ready for a Facelift

If you’re becoming more aware of fine lines and small wrinkles such as crow’s feet around your eyes, there are options outside of a facelift that could potentially help you look and feel your best. Injectable fillers or chemical peel treatments may also help refresh your appearance.

Remember that the average age isn’t a major factor for whether or not a facelift is right for you. Age does not matter as much as how you feel about your appearance. During a consultation with Dr. Rand, you will receive a personal skin assessment and discuss your potential facelift procedure.


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Isn’t 60 Too Late for a Facelift? Is Younger Better?
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Isn’t 60 Too Late for a Facelift? Is Younger Better?
Seattle area board-certified surgeon, Dr. Richard Rand of the Northwest Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, explains the average age for a facelift.
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