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The IPL photofacial is a superficial treatment that clears up pigmentation problems by applying a rapid pulse of light energy to the skin. Those who can benefit from IPL will exhibit skin conditions such as:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Vascular lesions
  • Broken capillaries
  • Sun spots
  • Acne

We offer a variety of nonsurgical skincare treatments at our Bellevue med spa, including the IPL photofacial. At the Northwest Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, we have helped hundreds of men and women from throughout the greater Seattle area feel and look their best.

If you’d like to learn more about how the IPL photofacial treatment can improve your complexion, please don’t hesitate to contact our office in Bellevue today for more details.

How the IPL Photofacial Works

We feature the top-of-the-line M22 IPL laser from Lumenis. This laser can treat over 30 skin conditions and is the latest technology from the leader in light-based cosmetic therapies. During IPL treatment, a rapidly pulsing light is applied to the surface of the skin. The light targets pigmented areas and damages the underlying tissue, which stimulates your body’s natural healing process. When healing occurs, the pigmented area becomes lighter.

Patients will usually need multiple areas treated with IPL, most commonly on sun-damaged skin of the face, neck, chest and hands. A series of IPL treatments 3 or 4 weeks apart is typical. Ask about package rates for multiple sessions of IPL.

After Your IPL Treatment: What to Expect

After your IPL photofacial, the pigmented sun damage and spots on your skin will turn dark and eventually disappear. This healing process usually requires about 2 weeks. IPL is a very superficial skin treatment that does not ablate or abrade the skin, so downtime is less of a concern.

IPL Frequently Asked Questions

Is IPL treatment painful?

Most patients would say that IPL feels no worse than a rubber band snapping against the skin, and any discomfort can be managed with a topical anesthetic. After IPL treatments, the sensation is comparable to mild sunburn.

How long will my results last?

How long results of IPL last will partly depend on the number of treatments you receive. Many patients choose to undergo a series of IPL treatments to get the best results possible. Your new look generally lasts as long as you avoid prolonged sun exposure.

Take the Next Step

We know that making a change to your face or body can be a big decision. Let us help you learn more about your options. You'll never feel pressured into making a decision and our friendly staff members are happy to answer all of your questions.

Can I continue using my skin care products before and after IPL?

Because IPL does not exfoliate the skin, you can maintain use of your skincare products before and after treatment.

Contact our office today at the Northwest Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Bellevue, Washington for more information on the IPL photofacial.

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Northwest Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery offers the IPL photofacial for Seattle men and women who want to look refreshed without surgery.

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