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Cami Holmberg, Medical Aesthetician


Cami Holmberg is a licensed Medical Aesthetician, offering a full range of medical skin care services and products to our clientele.  She performs laser treatments, including Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to improve skin quality and laser hair reduction.  She also specializes in the use of fillers (injectables, such as Restylane and Restylane® Lyft), which give the face a more youthful appearance.

A native of the Seattle area, Cami initiated her schooling at the University of Anchorage and completed her Medical Assistant degree program in Washington.  She began her career working with a prominent dermatology group in Portland, Oregon before returning to Seattle.  She then took a position at Overlake Hospital where she was part of the team that developed the Washington Imaging Breast Center, one of the first dedicated breast care centers in the U.S., renowned for medical excellence and patient-centered, nurturing care.

Cami then worked in the University of Washington’s Surgical Specialty Department, where her experience with breast cancer patients gave her the opportunity to work with Dr. Rand.  “He changed the face of surgery there with his incredible breast reconstruction and enhancement surgical skills. It was thrilling to work with him because his work is just so beautiful,” she says.

Two years later, Cami went back to working on her nursing degree and Dr. Rand recruited her to work in his practice.  “Our entire staff worked with him to develop the practice, and Dr. Rand encouraged me to complete advanced training in medical aesthetics at the Euro Institute, one of three such programs in the U.S.

“I love my job, and every one of my clients and I remember each and every one of them over the years.  I love to see the improvements in appearance they attain over time, and I really listen to what they want.  Dr. Rand taught me that.”  Cami attributes her passion for the work she does to the fact that Dr. Rand and his staff are like a family, a family with a common purpose.

“We all work together to help our clients reach their goals.  They truly become a part of our practice family and we are there for them each step of the way.  We listen to each other and respect each other.  And that’s what we give to each person we have the pleasure of serving.”

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