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Meet the Staff at the Northwest Center for Plastic Surgery in Bellevue, WA

Simply Sonja Photographywww.simplysonjaphoto.comRose Vlcek, Patient Services Representative

Rose Vlcek has been with Dr. Rand’s practice since it opened in 2000, serving as Patient Coordinator, surgical scheduler and liaison between Dr. Rand and his patients. She is often the first person prospective patients speak with, providing them with information and answering their initial questions.

“I enjoy getting to know each individual client who comes into our office and establishing a relationship in which they feel comfortable with me and free to ask any questions.  We place a high priority on treating our patients with respect. Most have done their homework and many of our patients are referred to us by former patients, so they are invariably excited to be here and to have their concerns addressed.”

Before entering the specialty of medical aesthetics, Rose worked for three different airlines (PSA, American Airlines, and British Airways) for years, progressing from agent to flight attendant to special services, taking care of VIP clients.

Rose feels strongly that patients are first good candidates for the procedures they want, and doesn’t want anyone to feel pressured. She calls herself a team player, noting that the purpose of her work is to do her part to help patients negotiate the cosmetic surgery experience calmly and happily.

“It’s an honor to work for Dr. Rand and to be here and meet so many great people. I want them to have the best, to feel good about what happens here. It’s personal to me; it really matters that our patients feel good about being here. If I can make a patient a little happier and more at ease, I feel like I’ve done my job.”

Simply Sonja Photography www.simplysonjaphoto.comCindy Bull, R.N. – Nurse Manager

I began working at the NWCAPS in 2000.  I have been an RN for 25 years and began assisting Dr. Rand in 1990 as a surgical nurse for the University of Washington Medical Center, where Dr. Rand was Chief of Plastic Surgery. After a decade in this position, I came to our current practice.

In addition to my duties as an O.R. nurse, I also assist in the recovery room and see patients during clinic hours. In this capacity, I am able to be involved with pre-op patient visits, patient education, initial consultations, and follow-up visits. “I love being there for all phases of our patients’ visits and accompanying them through the cosmetic surgery experience. It’s rewarding to meet them and to then follow them throughout the process. They get to know me and become comfortable with me, which gives them an ease that facilitates the positive experience we want our patients to have with us.”

Our office is fully accredited and the entire staff is optimally trained including ACLS Certification of all medical employees, enabling them to offer highly individualized, personalized and safe care.  One of my objectives is to make sure each patient knows everything they need to know – both before and after their procedure. This includes full hour-long consultations with Dr. Rand and our entire staff, and time to view Before & After photos and consider options before making an informed decision.

Safety is the top priority, and I am proud of the excellence of care provided by Dr. Rand and the entire staff. “Our practice is in close proximity to Overlake Hospital, so our patients have access to their Anesthesiology Group, which means they receive top-of-the-line care in that regard, as well. Our center is a very safe environment, while also being a pleasing and private environment, and I know how much our patients truly appreciate that. It’s a wonderful place to work.”

Simply Sonja Photographywww.simplysonjaphoto.comRhoanna Austin, O.R. Manager, R.N., Staff Nurse

Rhoanna Austin brings 30 years of nursing experience to our practice, where she assists on surgery days, consults with patients by phone before their procedures, and sees post-op and follow-up patients in the clinic.

After receiving her nursing degree from West Texas State University, she began her career working in an orthopedic unit in Albuquerque. After five years, she became a surgical nurse and has worked in the O.R. ever since. Before assisting with cosmetic surgery patients, she worked in cardiology and orthopedics. Rhoanna spent seven years at the U. of Washington Medical Center, followed by an additional seven years on the heart team at Overlake Hospital before joining Dr. Rand’s staff.

She enjoys being with patients from surgery onward, working to ensure that the recovery process is smooth and having the opportunity to witness the improved appearance they attain. “Our patients do very well here and invariably recover quickly from even the major cosmetic procedures. Dr. Rand is an excellent surgeon and works efficiently, which facilitates the patient’s overall recovery process.”

Rhoanna notes that Dr. Rand and his staff have a true understanding of the needs of surgical patients. “We’re calm and we know what to do. We handle our work smoothly and have confidence in our abilities to provide great care. We each take pride in our patients…how well they recover and how pleased they are with their outcomes. We love what we do.”

Simply Sonja Photographywww.simplysonjaphoto.comJanet Sandquist, Nurse Administrator, R.N., Staff Nurse

Janet Sandquist, a native of the Seattle area, works with Dr. Rand as a clinical and O.R. nurse. A member of the Association of Operating Room Nurses, she received her B.S. degree in Biology and B.A degree in Chemistry from Whitworth University, and a Master’s Degree in Nursing from Pace University in New York.

Janet began her career in the renowned Parkland Hospital trauma center in Dallas, where she spent 3 years as a staff nurse and 2 additional years as Head Nurse of the Cardiothoracic/Vascular operating rooms. Subsequently, she was an O.R. staff nurse at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle, and staff manager of the Cardiac Surgery Center at St. Alphonsus Regional Center in Boise, Idaho before returning again to the U. of WA Medical Center. She spent 10 years there on the Cardiac OR team before joining Dr. Rand’s practice.

Janet assists in the OR and sees patients pre and post-operatively, answering questions and seeing them through the entire surgical experience. Janet earned and maintains her CNOR, a specialty certification in Operating Room Nursing, enabling her to offer the highest standard of nursing care to patients.

“We want each of our patients to feel positive, ready, and relaxed, and I know our patients do well because they have been fully prepared.” Janet states that Dr. Rand and an excellent staff are the reasons the practice is successful, with many patients referred by former patients who have had a good experience here.

“Dr. Rand has a wonderful, calming manner and he’s very honest with his patients. We all want them to have the best result their bodies will give them. We have a great team, and we’re all on the same page…working hard to make it a place where we would want to come for surgery. We know patients arrive excited to finally have the procedure they have wanted for a long time. They’re nervous too at first, but that’s okay because we’re not. We know what to do and we give them our best every day.”

Simply Sonja Photographywww.simplysonjaphoto.comHeather Blair, R.N., Recovery Nurse

Heather Blair is an R.N. who primarily works as a recovery room nurse for Dr. Rand, who recruited her to the practice in 2001. She completed her original 4-year degree in nursing in England at Guy’s Hospital School of Nursing, affiliated with London University. She began her career in Ft. Worth, Texas working in cardiothoracic intensive care before returning to England to complete training in midwifery at Southampton University.

Coming back to the States, Heather was a labor and delivery nurse for five years at All Saints Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas before moving to Washington in 1990. Subsequently, she was a recovery nurse at Evergreen Surgical Clinic before coming to Rand Cosmetic Surgery nine years ago.

“I like working in recovery, helping patients move from recovery to being strong, happy and back to their normal lives. Our patients do extremely well, and we like to nurture them and see them when they return for follow-ups and skin care.”

Heather is aware that many patients have waited a long time to get their procedures: “Our patients are mostly everyday women who don’t want to spend a lot of time on self care. They just want to have their procedures, feel good about the way they look, and get on with their lives. It’s rewarding to accompany them through this process.”

Simply Sonja Photographywww.simplysonjaphoto.comAnnabelle Morales – Front Office Coordinator

Annabelle Morales is often the first staff member patients see when they arrive for appointments. With 12 years experience at Overlake Hospital, her career has always involved jobs that center on providing personalized service to patients. From the front desk, Annabelle handles incoming phone calls, books patient appointments, assists them when they come in, and escorts them to the consultation and exam rooms.

“I want each of our patients to feel comfortable and welcome here, and to realize right away that we will take good care of them.” Annabelle is pleased to be working with a great staff, most of whom she’s known for nearly a decade.

“Patients don’t always know what to expect when they arrive, and we all believe in making their experience a good one. Friendliness means a lot and they realize right away that we will be good to them. I feel blessed to be here. It’s a true pleasure.”

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