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Women Want to Know: What’s the Benelli Breast Lift?

benelli breast liftUpdated for 2018

One of the most commonly requested breast procedures is the Benelli breast lift, which offers breast shaping results with minimal incisions.

Is the Benelli breast lift superior to a traditional breast lift? Which women are better candidates for one breast lift technique over another?

Benelli vs. Traditional Breast Lift

The Benelli technique, also sometimes called a “donut lift,”  involves an incision around the outside of the areola in a donut shape. As a result, the incision lines are not visible in swimwear or underwear.

In time, Benelli incisions should blend in with the areola itself.

Another advantage of the Benelli procedure is that it allows for reshaping of the areolas. Some women may wish to adjust the size or shape of their areolas to make them more symmetrical, or to decrease/increase their overall size for a better balance with their breasts.

All of these aspects are taken into consideration during the initial consultation, to make sure that the right breast lift incision technique is used to fit the needs and goals of each patient.

Should You Consider a Donut Lift?

Not every woman will see great results from a limited incision breast lift. Women looking for a dramatic change to very large breasts or those with a very prominent droop may not be able to use this technique, although the Benelli lift is applicable for many of the moderate-scope breast lift patients.

Patients looking to greatly decrease the size of their breasts may prefer a breast reduction, while those looking for a volume increase would be better off with breast augmentation. These procedures may sometimes be performed using the Benelli incisions.

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Women Want to Know: “What is the Benelli Breast Lift?”
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Women Want to Know: “What is the Benelli Breast Lift?”
Updated for 2018 - Bellevue plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Rand explains more about the Benelli breast lift for those looking to create moderate firming, lifting and shaping of the breasts without adding additional volume.
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